What my clients have to say...

"I really enjoyed my experience with the Bio-Energy treatment. I felt a real shift and lighter after it. Ruth was very professional, kind and considerate. I would highly recommend Ruth if you are looking for a Reiki or Bio-Energy therapist."


"I felt a real emotional lift after my sessions with Ruth. I felt brighter and more relaxed in myself and my sleep improved too. I enjoyed the fact that it was a non-invasive therapy. Overall I felt I really benefitted and I would highly recommend it!"


"I'd highly recommend Bio-Energy therapy if you are looking for more balance in your life and better quality of sleep! I had a couple of sessions and came away feeling light, calm and very peaceful. I slept so well afterwards too! The sessions themselves were very tranquil and relaxing."


"My neck and shoulders were really sore and it was affecting my day to day tasks and my sleep. I had never had Bio-energy therapy before, I went to Ruth with an open mind to see if it was possible for her to alleviate my pain...the session itself was very relaxing and soothing with a no-hands-on approach. I was amazed that I immediately felt a release from the pain and over the following 72hrs the pain in my neck and shoulders disappeared."


"If you haven't been to Ruth's Healing Hut you are missing out. Ruth will put you at ease and the atmosphere is very calming. Once on the bed, I just relaxed and let Ruth work her magic. I found myself ending up in a meditative state which does not happen easily. Will I go back? In a heartbeat. Would thoroughly recommend."


"I suffer with pain in my feet, knees and lower back. I had a total of 4 sessions, each one a mix of Reiki and Bio-Energy.  I felt totally relaxed and it really alleviated my feet, knee and back pain. I couldn't believe the relief it gave me! I also slept so well and felt less stressed after them. I would highly recommend treatments with Ruth."